Bring Your Energy Supply to the Next Level

ActiveEnergy is improving the energy supply to your building through VoltageOptimization. The voltage level in your building is dependent on a variety of factors. Energy providers don’t regulate voltage levels on building level, they only correct the voltage level at grid level. Most often, the voltage level supplied is not the exact level that devices in your building need for the lowest power consumption possible. ActiveEnergy analyzes the voltage level at the mainline in real-time and adapts it so that your building runs on the ideal voltage level.

Saving Energy Costs

Voltage optimization leads to decreased energy consumption, which saves costs.

Decreasing CO2 Emissions

Lowering energy consumption positively impacts your carbon footprint.

Increasing Device Lifetime

Reducing the operating temperature of your electronics improves their lifetime.

Understand Every Detail of Your Energy Consumption

ActiveEnergy provides a sleek, cloud-based web portal that allows you to monitor your energy consumption & savings analytics in real-time. Be informed about your energy consumption in detail wherever you are, and be aware of sudden peaks in energy consumption, or other irregularities. The ActiveEnergy portal makes it possible for you to gather data for a deeper understanding of your portfolio, and allows you to find additional energy savings potential.

Data insights that provide you with tangible outcomes.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor all energy-related data from remote, and analyze your building in detail.

Predictive Maintenance

Our machine learning algorithms detect equipment failures before they occur.

Portfolio Benchmarking

Comparative analytics for energy consumption and CO2 savings across portfolios.

How much energy can we save for you?

Get in touch with us for an on-site savings assessment, during which we will record your energy consumption over a representative time period. After evaluating the measurements, we will provide you with a detailed report of your savings potential.

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Average Energy Cost Reduction


Average CO2 Savings per Year


Average Bottom-Line Impact

We Are an Energy-Savings-Technology Company

ActiveEnergy is a technology company. We build products that reduce energy consumption in every way possible. We aim to push technology in the energy sector forward and believe that humans should not have to consciously hold back when consuming energy – they should rather use products that allow them to use as little energy as possible from sustainable sources without having to think about it.

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Interested in working with us?

We are an international team that is based in Berlin, Germany. We are driven by curiosity and purpose: Our intention is to build technology that saves energy. All components of our products are designed in-house. At ActiveEnergy, we are aware that technology is the answer to the energy problems that we are facing today. Our ambition is to develop new products at the forefront of technology to save as much energy as possible, and to simplify access to sustainable energy sources. We’re always looking for people who share our values, our mission and our passion about working on what they love with a team of like-minded individuals.

We are looking for an HR manager to scale up our team. You should love being part of a team that is creating an engineering-driven culture. Experience in a fast paced startup-like environment is required. In this role you can take the lead and bring in your own creativity, including e.g. the design of the application and interview process for scaling the team up. You will take care of all HR & recruiting related tasks, including administrative tasks, the visa process for foreign applicants and the organization of team events.

What we expect from you:

  • Multiple years of experience in an HR or related role
  • Being driven, open and very communicative
  • Knowledge on German bureaucracy, especially around visa applications
  • Comfortable with rapid development cycles and tight schedules
  • Interest and ambition to create company policies and processes for a team that is growing quickly
  • German is unfortunately a requirement for this position as communication with governmental agencies has to happen in German


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A great mobile experience is very important for our clients. This is why we look for mobile app developers with practical experience in creating native apps. You should have fun designing mobile apps from the ground up and also have some passion for working on UX/UI. You will work closely with our technical leadership in providing the next generation of our mobile interfaces.

What we expect from you:

  • Practical experience in the development of Apps for iOS or Android and experience with all the tools you need for that
  • Proven track record of shipping software and successfully released apps on App Store
  • Respective knowledge of Apple or Google design guidelines
  • Passion for product development in general
  • Comfortable with rapid development cycles and tight schedules
  • Life is too short to learn German, so you don’t have to speak German to work for us.


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We are looking for an electrical engineer who loves building great electronics. You should have practical experience in creating complex electronics from scratch, ideally in own projects. In this position you will develop electronics and take care of the development process from concept until manufacturing.

What we expect from you:

  • Practical experience in the development of electronics
  • Knowledge on embedded systems and various communication protocols
  • Experience with power design
  • Hands-on experience designing, prototyping and debugging products
  • Experience with various CAD systems such as Altium
  • Comfortable with rapid development cycles and tight schedules
  • Life is too short to learn German, so you don’t have to speak German to work for us.


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